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It's finally happening!!
Plant-based recipes for every meal, using vegan mayonnaise.

My very first cookbook brings together my own personal recipes that utilize this now easy-to-find ingredient. The mayo makes the magic happen!

  • 19+ recipes that you never imagined could be so good in a vegan version!
  • Skip the coconut and learn to use mayo to recreate all sorts of dairy-laden recipes.
  • A FREE included resource list to help you find the best vegan recipes in the world.
  • 8+ exclusive recipes that have not yet been publicly released!

NORMALLY $15... 




All your favorite foods are possible! Mayo is the secret!

99% of my recipes before food allergies included dairy. Heavy cream was a staple! Once we had to give up milk products, I found myself longing for all of my favorite meals from before. Then I discovered that vegan mayo was the key to bringing them all back onto my plate!

Can you imagine eating real caramel again? Or delicious, creamy mac and cheese?

  • NO COCONUT or cashews NEEDED (That's right, all your old favorites won't taste like coconut anymore!)  
  • Tons of easy recipes for newbies and experts alike! 
  • kid approved meals that passed even the pickiest palates! 
  • every meal covered ideas for any time of the day or week (yes, even a drink with mayo!)
  • recipes are allergy friendly (including mostly gluten and nut free dishes)
  • use your favorite mayo every brand tested worked. 
  • get more ideas with an added resource appendix
  • Not a diet book, but all recipes are 100% cholesterol-free!
  • Learn from these recipes and recreate your own past favorites using the tips and tricks included!
Learn From The Expert
Hi I'm Meggan! I run the blog Cooking on Caffeine and have appeared on Bake Like a Vegan Pro with Sara Kidd, and have been featured in Sierra Magazine as an expert on vegan baking substitutions.

My passion is inclusion at the table - making sure everyone can enjoy every meal, no matter their dietary restrictions! 

It all started because my two girls used to have terrible allergies to both dairy and eggs. So I taught myself to cook and bake without them for my kids' sake, and became vegan for mine when I noticed how it helped my autoimmune issues. 

Now I use my knowledge of vegan mad science in the kitchen to teach other people to make all their favorite foods - but safe! One of my best secrets is mayo, and I'm ready to teach you how to make it work for you. :)

This cookbook is a compilation of 19+ recipes that vegan mayo made possible. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, dessert, and dips; I have recipes for each that I cannot wait for you to make and fall in love with.

May you and your coffee both be strong!


A-Mayo-Zing Recipes!!
Rebecca Hutchinson
Owner, Crumb & Slice, Austin, Texas

"Meggan Leal is the queen of vegan mayo! It might sound bizarre to add mayo to some of these recipes (butterscotch caramel I’m looking at you) but it really truly works. 
I grew up putting sour cream in and on so many things. However, vegan sour cream is expensive and doesn’t last very long. Vegan mayo on the other hand does and it’s inexpensive! 
I have tried multiple recipes from Meggan’s cookbook. The Alfredo sauce is so simple to make and satisfyingly thick and creamy. The Mexican sopa de conchitas is a delicious soup to warm you up on a cold winter’s day. The mayo adds a delicious creaminess to the tomato base. My family also uses the eat less chicken dipping sauce anytime we eat chick’n nuggets. It’s a mix of savory, tangy, smoky, and sweet but with a delicious creaminess from you guessed it, mayo! 
The butterscotch caramel is probably my favorite recipe in this cookbook. It’s absolutely delicious and it’s NOT coconut based! The mayo in this recipe really transforms it. You can visually see it turn the caramel into a silky smooth creation while stirring.
I now add mayo to so many dishes thanks to Meggan Leal and her ingenuity and creativity with this humble product."

The Little Vegan Mayo Cookbook$15

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If you or someone you care for has a severe food allergy and you genuinely cannot afford this ebook, please email me and I will be happy to provide one for you, free of charge.